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(...) Kaissa's voice is always the focus here, and a nice focus it is. Her phrasing is exceptional, and clarity and power are the hallmark of a strong African female vocalist. The original songs are all worth hearing, ranging from bouncing funk to nostalgic paeans. (...)

Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide (Looking There review)

(...) Looking There is a meditation on social injustice, love and religious faith. Kaïssa has a strong, appealing voice that resonates. (...)

Tim Pelzer, People's Weekly World

(...) Controversial as it may sound, there are a lot of mediocre artists of every conceivable origin making music and getting away with it. Kaïssa represents the antithesis. She is obviously a musician who has served her time under some of the greats and has, in turn, taken her own time in putting her debut together. (...) Hats off.

Jennifer Byrne, Sing Out!

(...) and, most strikingly, the wonderful singer Kaïssa, who shines on several tracks [Circle of the Sun by Jazzhole] but really catches your attention with her rendition of the old Leon Russell song Superstar.

All Music Guide

(...) Under African Skies, for this song (and the next several), Simon ceded the floor to the amazing vocals of Cameroonian singer Kaïssa.

Ear Farm Online

(...) David Byrne’s Help Me Somebody, which featured an astonishing vocal solo from backup singer Kaissa.

Adam Sabla, North Shore News
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